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10-27-2012, 11:15 PM
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Originally Posted by BLONG7 View Post
Fire Bettman, Fire Fehr, and get a deal done...every one wins...
I actually think there would be nothing worse than firing them. I know people hate Fehr - but he's intelligent, experienced, and, despite what people say, I think he's doing a reasonably good job given that it seems that, even without Fehr, the players have had unreasonable expectations (apparently one of their big early questions was could they get rid of the cap, and Fehr pulled them in off the ledge).

I also don't think Bettman is doing a bad job either - he's got 30 owners who, in a base sense, are joined in interest in wanting to save money, but also have disparate needs/wants/objectives, and he's managed to reign them in.

There are things about both Fehr and Bettman that have made this a more headache-y negotiation...but I think dumping either would make things worse.

Originally Posted by SidTheKid8787 View Post
I read an article today where Vernon Fiddler, who was/is injured and still recieving checks from the Stars gave one full one to charity.

While this is a nice gesture, i wouldn't call it a smart one givin' the circumstances.
I see it as a hopeful sign that he's a player who has taken care of his finances and feels that, even with the lockout, he has enough money to give.

Originally Posted by Hanklite View Post
Players need to realize their current contract is over. Get past that.
Negotiate your best deal moving forward. If you are concerned with "honoring" contracts then sign a longer CBA this time.
Their current contract is not at all "over". They're simply fighting over whether their share of the HRR will throw off enough revenue to their side to fulfill what they would gave received with HRR of 57%.

Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
Because one thing that the owners definitely want is a linked salary cap.

Fehr has completely ignored this.
and the one thing the players want is to have the face value of their contracts fulfilled . Now, I think that NHL's requirement of a link to the salary cap is a much more tenable position than simply saying "we want our contracts fulfilled" - b/c no matter the %, under the old CBA, the $ the players were going to get on the face value of their contract was still associated to HRR % - but I also think that the owners need to be a little less ham fisted in their demands.

A mediation might be a wise idea - I've heard Daly say that a mediation is only necessary if the parties disagree about the issues/the position of the parties - but in my line of work that's not the case at all - mediation (with an appropriate mediator) can be very effective in helping parties (who already know what they're fighting over and what the position the other party holds) start finding "creative solutions" that the parties wouldn't come up on their own.

The problem with negotiations like this is that the parties don't really hear from their own representatives that they might be wrong, the position they're taking might be foolish/untenable, they might be overlooking potential solutions, etc. That is something that an experienced/appropriate mediator can really bring to the table.

Of course, it also carries the unattractive risk that neither Fehr nor Bettman are interested in - that a mediator might point out the foibles in what Bettman has told the owners or what Fehr has told the players.

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