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10-28-2012, 03:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
I wasn't aware that the owners were asking for 25% of the money in his wallet. Maybe that's why the NHLPA is refusing the NHL's proposals
It just goes to show the REAL LIFE mentality of a player signing a contract. They don't think of it as 5Mill over 5 years.

they think it's 25 milllion guaranteed no questions asked.
I play like crap.. 25 million.
I play like a horses ass... 25 million.
mine... contract.. mine.. signed contract.. mine

The second they sign.. that's they're money in wallet regardless if they even give .0000001 percent of an effort to sign it.

The players treat all contracts as one big giant signing bonus.

That's why Getllaf took a giant friggin crap in the woods last year. and that's just 1 example. Not singling him out because there's many more players guilty of the exact same thing.

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