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10-28-2012, 05:07 AM
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Just came home from my weekend night shift and to celebrate had a few good shots of rum on an empty stomach so I may be all over the place..but as my wife puts's the way I'm best.

First off..RNH with a, that's funny, that kid hasn't worn a cage since 15 but does he honestly look any older than 15?
Not in my mind. Anyone seen that Wiggins basketball star kid? Canadian, videos of when he's fifteen he could pass for 21..

2 points for pitlick..
he will get his points in soon enough, I'm assuming right now his ice time is probably being reduced to around 10 mins a night..
He needs to be put in a more offensive role..
But as they say, in the AHL you go many games producing almost no points then all of the sudden the puck ends up on your stick all game long and you score 3 points a night for three consecutive games..

It's the scrappyness of the AHL that causes these inconsistencies...
It's like soccer when I was 11, all the kids chasing the ball all the time..then when I was 17 in highschool we played a more structured system and I scored more goals..even though the game was tougher..

Olivier Roy better be starting in Net for the barons..if not, I call for Nelsons head.

And who decides to make these GMTs???
I have never had the chance to do one..probably a good thing but who knows, it may be my calling..

Oh yeah..Omark should be in the AHL..

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