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10-28-2012, 05:36 AM
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Originally Posted by ODAAT View Post
I suspect Dom (OOG) will be posting here in minutes
I'll save it for the prospects thread

Originally Posted by Son of Donegal View Post
I sit somewhere between ODAAT and OOG in terms of my feelings for Griffith. Love his skill set and IQ. But he is slow...even if he gets where he needs to be. The difference between the OHL and NHL is pretty staggering.

There is a reason scouts past him over two years ago...and fell to the 5th round this year.

But, if he grows up and picks up his intensity, he could make it...and it would be a steal of a bargain for the B's.
That's not somewhere between ODAAT and I, that's pretty much bang on to what I think.

I've been following Griffith since his Junior B days. He was my sleeper pick for the 2011 draft. Always knew he had offensive ability ( my pick to challenge the OHL scoring title with Monahan this year ) but have always said that I don't think that it translates to the NHL. ( at least in terms of the numbers he's putting up in the OHL )

His hockey sense is right up there. Watching him set up mates especially on the PP is magic. But skating is still an issue. It's improved over last season but not enough IMO. But it's a work in progress and it is something that can be improved. We'll just have to see where he max's out with it.

As a former lacrosse player, I've never minded his intensity. But it too is at another level this season and that may just be from spending some time with the Rupert twins. So we know the Bruins will rub off on him.

As long as Griffith continues upward on his development curve, he'll be just fine. And we know he has some serious chemistry with Jared Knight.

IMO, it'll all come down to how bad Griffith wants it and how hard he's willing to work at it.

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