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10-28-2012, 09:03 AM
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Originally Posted by njdevsfn95 View Post
If the only thing to come out of this lockout is stable ownership for the Devils, then it is a successful lockout.

I pretty much don't miss it right now and this is not how I felt in 2004.

Will I watch games whenever it returns, yes, but since I already know I won't be attending them as often I really don't give a ****.
I actually miss it 'more' now, but on some level that's because I wasn't a sth then and went to maybe five-ten games a year, and I've been to nearly thirty a year plus playoffs since the team moved to the Rock.

The main negative difference for me now is I'm about one week away from losing hope of there being 'any' season. And that would really stink as a sports fan since the Mets are still in baseball hell and the Jets are one loss away from getting sucked down into a black hole. I'll probably resist getting back into basketball because the sport's too predictable. Hell maybe this nonsense is an excuse to get even more into soccer (Premier League and MLS).

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