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Originally Posted by Man Bear Pig View Post
Haha if you guys saw my buddy you'd laugh. He's 26 and about 4'11. Just started playing like 2 or 3 years ago and can't skate. He's a funny guy, we actually named him captain last season as a joke. He rocked the C all year. Hockeys just a joke to him, if someone skates by him, hell, if the wind blows, he purposely falls down to draw a penalty. Usually the refs just laugh at him though. It's really funny seeing people try and scrap him. We usually go over and deck the idiots.'re gonna try and fight a guy who's the size of 10 year old?
he sounds like my type of captain! Inhouse hockey is supposed to be just for fun anyway, so I'm all for people trying to have a laugh.

After all that, I had a look at my house team's stats today. Two games into our summer comp we have scored five goals and been awarded - wait for it - ONE WHOLE ASSIST. yeah, no. We sure as hell haven't had four breakaway goals, so we emailed the scorers and they outright admitted that they weren't bothering to check who assisted the goal because it was causing them too much bother (riiiiiiiiggght) so you know what? I was kind of kidding before, but when I'm well enough to play, you can bet every time my team nets one, all you'll be able to hear from our bench is a squeaky "NUMBER 9! NUMBER 9"

I don't want to be one of 'those' house players but really, only crediting one in five primary assists is a bit much.

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