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Originally Posted by this providence View Post
So, having never played an AC, could I pick up ACIII and just be fine with it? Or would I be missing out on a bunch of stuff? I really enjoyed playing Skyrim after never playing before, would it be similar to that type of gameplay? And for someone who doesn't play online anymore (I would just get a xbox copy), is there enough there to keep me busy in single player for a while?

Thanks for the help.
Well, you might be a bit lost with the plot (the whole Templars vs Assassins dynamic, Pieces of Eden etc..), but then again I don't know how much will they retell the story in the beginning. Also there's always wikipedia.

But otherwise, go for it! AC's are always very enjoyable and the core gameplay is still (hopefully) similar to the first one. Also, if you want to complete the game 100%, at least in previous editions that took a lot of time. So there's a lot of content in single player, I at least have never touched the multiplayer.

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