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10-28-2012, 08:23 AM
Mike Emrick
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This is for the soldiers the see the sun
At midnight, ya dig
Let me slow down

I go to the grave before I be a
Better behave, you're dealin' with some rich
We the lost symbols, speak in cryptic codes
Ancient wisdom, valuable like gifts of gold

I embark on life, my path is all math
I understand the codes these hackers can't crack
I understand that folks expect me to fold
Community control to violate parole

I won't fail, but a lot of men will
I'm iconic in the field, like Solomon's Seal
Uh, it's just an intro

Allow my flow time to sink into the temple
Free Mason, freelancer, free agents, we faster
Big contracts, big contractors
Built pyramids, period we masters

No caterpillars, it was just a lot of
A lot of great thinkers and a lot of great inventors

New Rolls Royce
Guess you made it
All white neighborhoods, you they favorite

My top back like J.F.K.
They wanna push my top back like J.F.K.

So, so I J.F.K.
Join Forces with the kings and we ate all day

Right now I could rewrite history
I stopped writin so it, I'll do it mentally

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