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10-28-2012, 08:28 AM
Morris Wanchuk
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I am 25.. I love baseball.. it is my second favorite sport.

That being said:

1) I am from Boston, and have been indoctrinated in it. Some of the most intense moments for me as a sports fan have been from baseball. To me there is nothing more nail biting than waiting for a pitch during a rally. There might not be a whole lot of action in baseball, but it thrives on that tension.

2) Youth participation is in the crapper, even in the Northeast. Year after year programs are losing kids to soccer and lacrosse. They need to do something, especially in the first few years when the kids start pitching. When I played an inning would be walk, walk, strike out, walk, hit by pitch, walk, etc. It was dreadfully boring. I don't know what they could do, but it was bad.

3) Baseball is THE greatest sport for the radio, as football is for TV and the ratings have reflected that. As football has increased, baseball has decreased in popularity.

4) People just don't have the attention span which is sad because it is the game that has been the least spoiled by sponsor interruptions. Yea the games are long, but you don't see adds on the field, commercial breaks as the game is being played. Its pretty much the opposite of hockey in terms of tinkering.

5) They need to ditch the free market system, reduce the regular season, and expand the playoffs. Why play 162 games for up until the 1990s got you 2 playoff teams? Its ridiculous. They have enough teams to have 8 from each league make the playoffs, make it happen.

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