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Originally Posted by 705techno View Post
I can't even fathom that some posters think the CBC is pro Toronto anti Vancouver.

Have you watched a HNIC Leafs broadcast? Hughson, Simpson and Healy collectively cream over the Nucks and bash anything Toronto does, especially in the rare case that Toronto is winning.

The only HNIC personality that I can think of that is pro TO is Grapes.

Any Luongo deal has to include Hughson going back to the west coast, Ill throw in any Leaf prospect to make that happen. On the phone with Burke right now and he agrees, Hughson has to go.
Their argument is that since they show the Leafs the most they are pro Leafs. They are showing how they simply do not understand (Or want to understand) the issue that the Leafs pay the bills. It's a business decision. That does not make them pro-Leafs at all.

Again, during the 2011' cup run, I could not believe how biased CBC was for the Canucks. Yet you still saw Canuck fans on here claiming CBC hated them and always wanted their opponents in each round to win.

There was a game a few years ago where CBC bowed to pressure and showed Ottawa as it's national game on Saturday. It was a disaster. Worst ratings in a decade for HNIC. (It was a Sens/Devils game).

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