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10-28-2012, 09:35 AM
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Originally Posted by dcyhabs View Post
Bozon may be a smaller Jason Ward. Tears up the league with linemate(s), does nothing without. Of course the habs actually had Ward's linemate in the AHL but he was a career minor leaguer and they never tried them together in the higher league.

Bozon's numbers are awesome but what will he do when he's not with his two older, higher scoring line mates?

Can't knock the stats, though.
Not a good comparison. Ward was taken for his size and his production, yet anybody who analysed him carefully would have notice that the hockey sense wasn't there. Which can't be said for Bozon.

Then, Ward amongst others, wouldn't be the first guy who reaches his ceiling before the NHL. Happened to a lot of other people. Yet, you sometimes CAN'T predict that. It's impossible. But some people don't understand how it works. Personnally, the hockey sense was a big red flag for me. A guy that can produce that much without a good awareness is often unable to improve it and his production is solely explained by the talent alone. Add the size and that's only the reason why it went that way. But it's easier said than done, you have a guy with that package and if you don't go further, you pick him. But frankly, you can't compared the eras as well. You never know but with the experts we have now, compared to the experts we have today, Ward might never have been a 1st rounder to begin with.

Anyway, just wanted to pinpoint those infos. While some are mostly hindsight, hockey sense wasn't. Skating was also an issue but some believe everybody can improve and it might not be far from reality. But hockey sense? Rarely will it improve that much. And is often what separates NHL'ers than non-NHL'ers.

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