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10-28-2012, 10:07 AM
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I don't get it, people wanted a slow rebuild, and other then that first season, Burke has done that, Yet people still expect to be a contender?

Sure, Komisarek was a bad signing, but at the time, it looked like a great pick up because of how Komi was playing, and pretty much EVERYONE was rubbing the Habs fans nose in it.

Some people look at the Beauchemin signing, yet it got us Lupul and Gardiner

The Kessel Trade, did we give up a lot? Sure, but we also got an elite sniper, and those don't come cheap. Also, no one expected us to finish with the 2nd overall pick that year.

The Connolly signing, I think he was forced too, this was a situation where it was ****ed if he did, ****ed if he didn't. People would of tore him a new one had he not done something to the number 1 center role.

The Army signing, I'll admit was about .5 more then the max I would have given him, but it's FA and you overpay. Another signing that looked great based on past play, and if you watched Army when he was healthy, the lone downfall to this was how many injuries he had when he was here.

You look at the roster from 08, and the roster now.... it's a drastic improvement. We also have Rielly, Finn, Kadri, Colborne, Percy, Biggs, Ross all coming up.

Toskala or Reimer?
Blake or Kessel?
Kubina or Phaneuf?
Kaberle or Liles?
Poni or Lupul?
White or Gardiner?
Stempniak or MacArthur?

edit: Reimer one wasn't the best example as he was already in the system

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