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10-28-2012, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Theres also a contract that signed called the CBA that serves as the umbrella for all player contracts. Player contracts are susceptible to change under subsequent CBA's. So, trying to say the owners are moving the chains on contract terms "just because they want to" is awfully disingenuous. They have the right to do that considering, right now, the league is not operating under any CBA.

Unethical? Probably. A shameless power grab that seems to happen when each CBA expires? Yup.

But some sort of lawless breach? Nope.
Oh--they're not going to jail. I'd prefer to term it as sleazy behavior though. And sleazy people are a ****ing drag. Taking Ed Snider or Jeremy Jacobs for instance--locking their guys into 6 and 7 year terms--then trying to impose rules against those lengths. Hypocrisy. It's not just asking players to roll back their salaries after several years of growing revenues. Mr. Leipold out in Minnesota with the Suter-Parise deals turning right around and crying poverty. I'm a working person--and a union person--I don't really look at NHLPA members as part of us--we don't share anywhere near the same kind of daily reality but if we're looking at the owners it's almost impossible to feel any sympathy for their position and I don't really understand why so many fans are on their side apart from the need for an instant hockey fix. That point of view is worthy of being put in druggie terms.

They got everything they wanted in 2004 but couldn't control themselves. Pathetic. You make a deal with someone--you should have enough honor to abide by it--not try to reset the terms after the fact. The wealthiest people of this nation are the ones that have been tearing it apart with all their continuous scheming for more and more. **** them.

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