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Originally Posted by Avder View Post
Man I need to play some more recent games.

I've been playing through Doom 3 after having it sit around for like 7 years uninstalled. I'm really enjoying it, even if it is dark as hell.

Anyone know if the Steam versions of Bioshock 1 & 2, and Mass Effect 1 & 2 have any DRM that is capable of ****ing with my hardware or anything like that? Thats one of the reasons I've stayed away from modern PC games for the most part... a lot of the DRM systems out there can actually install hardware level drivers that can **** with stuff like your optical drives.

And does anyone know how often Steam has sales that put games like the ones I just mentioned on sale for really cheap?
steam it self is DRM, i have heard nothing but positive reviews of steam so you should have no issues with it as far as gaming goes. also they do have sales but i don't know anything specific as far as those games go.

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