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Originally Posted by this providence View Post
So, having never played an AC, could I pick up ACIII and just be fine with it? Or would I be missing out on a bunch of stuff? I really enjoyed playing Skyrim after never playing before, would it be similar to that type of gameplay? And for someone who doesn't play online anymore (I would just get a xbox copy), is there enough there to keep me busy in single player for a while?

Thanks for the help.
This is an interesting question...

Like others have said there are definitely some things you would be confused about in terms of the actual storyline. Basically, the game is in the future where you are a guy and you use a machine that lets you inhabit the body of one of your ancestors. So in the first game you look back and 'play' your ancestor Altair's memories in places like Jerusalem, Acre, Damascus, etc. These parts of the game don't really need any prefacing.

So what I'd say for AC III is that you'd be completely lost on the 'present time' parts of the game but in regards to the parts where you're playing as Connor during the American Revolution I think you'd be fine.

Sidenote: I get that AC was repetitive and a little boring after a while, but when you think of it you have to think of it in terms of how it was the first of the series and there wasn't anything to compare it to as of yet. I was fine with AC and thought it was a great concept and game (and still do for the most part) but only when ACII and others came out did it become boring...if that makes any sense.

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