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Originally Posted by Disgruntled Observer View Post
Dreakmur has done an excellent job proving your lies as lies.

So now I can say the same to you.
"Sam Slick said that the 08 team scored more goals than last year. BUT HE'S WRONG. That means all of his posts are garbage and he's a liar."

Here are the verifiable facts.

The team burke inhereted finished 10 in goals for.
Last years team finished 10th in goals for.

The team Burke inherited finished 30th in goals against.
Last years team finished 29th in goals against.

The team Burke inherited finished 7th last.
Last years team finished 5th last.

Both the Hockey News and HF rate our 2008 prospects higher than our current prospects.

Those are the FACTS!!!!
That's goals for, goals against, wins, and prospects. THE FOUR MOST IMPORTANT STATS FOR A GM!!!!!!

So based on FACTS, Burke has been a TERRIBLE gm. The only way to defend him is to use SPIN instead of accepting those FACTS!!!
Brian Burke is a fraud based on the facts. Everything else is speculation (best prospect pool in decades). His work over the last four years has been abysmal. Fail.

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