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10-28-2012, 10:51 AM
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Originally Posted by PDO View Post
I'm failing to see how that's any better given where both teams were last year.

Tillman made some moderate tweaks to a team (the only thing he's ever succeeded at in the CFL) and saw them have their best year in about 5.

... and then he blew it up because his ego got in the way.

Went from beating Calgary in a home playoff team to praying the team can stumble into Calgary for a playoff game they will get whooped in.

In the last two weeks, Ray has played two games better than anything Jyles has ever pumped out in the CFL. He's an elite QB, and he's going to the HOF, and he was given away from sweet **** all. To compound out, when we found out the kicker wasn't anything special... ET gave away our #1 pick to try and fix it and got hosed there too.

“Honestly, I would probably not,” Tillman said. “I would have listened to my wife, who begged me not to make the trade because she talked about the fact that we had just gone 11-7 [in 2011], that we could actually have an off-season where I might be semi-popular in Edmonton for change, and to stay status quo.”

“My belief was to go younger, not to be as good at quarterback, to build a strong nucleus, to be good defensively, to go through some growing pains but for us to play some of our best football in the second half of the season,” Tillman said. “I truly made this deal with a long term view.”
The last quote is Tillman really thought that giving Ray away for nothing and acquiring Jyles was going to be a critical component in keeping this team competitive?

So the team ends up with a year wasted on Jyles with little to no development time for a prospect they don't have and didn't acquire, basically no return at all for an HOF QB and this team is supposed to be better long term?

Is that just wacky enough to work?

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