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10-28-2012, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by CoopALoop View Post
Hey Fresh,

The mods at GSBB have notified me that you are now an active member.


I sharpen my skates after two ice times, no matter what. Nice, crisp sharp skates are too needed for myself otherwise.

Good thing my local shop has a "season pass" for sharpenings.
Thanks Coop and I do appreciate you doing that for me bro. My original account they didn't activate (one I gave you). My new account I signed up for after they fixed the problem got the

Dear Fresh39,

Hello, your application to become a member of Goalie Store Bulletin Board has been rejected.

But while it was broke I made several other accounts during the time to see if it was fixed. After digging a bit it looks like they activated one of the other random accounts.

I like the people at . Better structure & setup. More of a "new school" feeling than the old feel. Mods and admins that care. I've chatted with synesthete (admin) over there and a true class act. That's my new Goalie home and couldn't be happier.

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