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10-28-2012, 11:19 AM
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Burke took a 08 team that had no future no hope and has turned them into a team with a brighter future.
Patience in this instance will be bliss because the team that he took over was so rotten to the core that no GM would have this team in a better position today.
Has he made mistakes, yes, but he has been as active as possible and when a team is active they are bound to make a few mistakes. But the majority of his body of work has rebuilt this team in a positive way.

Everyone points to the Kessel trade and a few fa signings. But if Burke didn't make that trade and he didn't make those signings are we really that much better of a team? News flash we would not have made the playoffs regardless. "Burke hasn't acquired a number 1 center or a top goalie" how many teams have traded a number 1 c or g? Hasnt happened. You can't bash him for the trades that he hasn't been able to make, expecially if he has been active on the player movement front... He obviously has been trying, but no GM is just going to hand one over.

If you can not see the improvement in the depth on every level of this organization from the minors to management then you must be drinking the 80 proof kool aid.

Where he has made his biggest mistakes is through his big mouth. But it seems he has learned from his first few years in Toronto and is being more selective with what and when his blow hole spews out. I'm not a fan of his big ego and his approach to things but the man has come into the worst senario any GM could walk into and has turned things around, give him 2 more years and this team will be in a position to consistently make the playoffs and begain to prepare itself to push deeper and deeper into the summer.

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