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10-28-2012, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by haseoke39 View Post
Of course. But what's "best" for the owners and what the owners can afford are two different things. What would be best for the owners would be the players play for free and the owners make pure profit. But what the league can afford refers to what's best for both parties. The owners simply aren't going to let the game be played until a deal is on the table that makes it worth their investment. That is good for all parties involved, because the league doesn't survive long-term without being a good investment. Players don't want contraction, either. And right now, the math isn't even close - owners are getting shafted. The NHL is a terrible, stupid place to put your money. If players think them taking a piece of the pie so big that the median owner loses money trying to keep their team afloat every year is good for anyone in the long term, they've got another thing coming.

And that's why owners are going to win this one. They just sent a letter saying "Dear players, it's not worth it for us to continue funding the league under anything close to the proposals you've put forward. We'd just as well just shut it down. Thank anyways, Owners." So this isn't about getting what's best for owners. It's about getting owners barely enough to make it worth their while to run the damn show.

do you believe everything thats told to you by rich billionaires? These are the same types of personalities that destroyed wallstreet thanks to greed. Oh no? they aren't turning a profit? Axe the player's salaries! Did you know that huge movies like Star Wars never turned a profit? Lord of the rings? Titanic? Thanks to accounting practices everyone can break even.

I'm sure there are teams that are struggling, but I don't buy the whole everyone is broke mentality. It's also quite easy to simply look at average team salaries from 7 years ago (no salary cap). It was 44 million. If the NHL gets their wish, the cap would be around 58-59milion. That simply doesn't make sense when you look at how much the HRR (which is not revenue people) has grown in those 7 years. It's all about the owners wanting to make more money. Sure, some of the poor teams can now survive, but honestly, the Coyotes should not be a franchise that continues to stay in that city. I want a deal asap... but I'm tired of people defending greedy owners. Both sides are greedy, meet in the middle right now, and get a deal done.

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