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Originally Posted by Fire Sather View Post
Problem is, the owners losing money will keep sitting on their hands and not lose that money.

Players will lose paychecks.

Eventually, whats best for the owners will win out when the players cave.. but how much money do the players want to lose first?

Appearently they want to lose more than they would have if they just worked off the last proposal..
If players said "Damn...if we took their first offer I would be better off than I am right now!" they wouldn't be much of a Union. A player saying that would be looking out for himself only...screw the guys in Junior right now that would be looking at a 70/30 split when it is their turn. Then when they do the same thing the next group will be fighting to stay above a 25% take. And those poor AHL players another poster mentioned....their pay will drop considerably because of this as well.

Players are taking the hit right now so players 5, 10, 15 years down the road aren't looking at a 90/10 split.

What is best for the Owners will win out....which might be not taking as much from the players so a lot of them can get back to making money themselves.

Anyone that thinks the Players are the only ones sacrificing money to get what they believe is a 'fair deal' is kidding themselves. Owners are in the same boat.

I've seen manufacturing plants close because the Union "hadn't had a raise in 5 years"....the employees sacrificed their paychecks to try to get what they felt was fair. Lots of spinoff jobs were lost....plant closed...can we badmouth those guys too? Happens quite often, unskilled labour looking to make $30+ an hour, and in those places there definitely IS a sense of entitlement.

Remember folks....the old way was pay players as much or as little as you want. There was a minimum salary...but no Cap floor. Teams could have low balled everyone and been laughing. They INSISTED on this system and won. Salaries linked to revenues so Owners aren't allowed to overspend. Unfortunately (as weird as that is) revenues grew.

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