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10-28-2012, 12:28 PM
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I wonder how many of these people that bring up Gretzky even watched him play for most of his career. I'd bet many of these people are the same ones who whine about Crosby being protected. The fact is that no player in pro sports history was more protected than Wayne Gretzky. The only guy who had the balls to play him tough was Neil Sheehy. Gretzky had all the space on the world because nobody would lay a hand on him. And even then he was known around the league as "Whine Gretzky". All that helped greatly with his numbers, aside from the fact it was a different and far more wide open game most of his career.

I love the guy, and his talent was not overhyped by any means but these comparisons are totally apples and oranges. Gretzky wouldn't sniff those type of numbers in today's game. Not even close.

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