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Originally Posted by Sam Slick View Post
Another useless post coming from the spin doctor himself. You have tried lying and BS'ing at every turn. When you try to present "facts" the way you see them, there are a bunch of us who prove you wrong step of the way.

You tried to say that this team and the 08 team were almost the same age....we proved that there is at least 3 years apart.
You tried to tell us that the 08 team scored more goals and we again, proved you wrong.
You tried to say that the 08 team had more wins when infact they had one less.
You tried on 2 occassions to say Burke was the highest paid manager in all the world in the history of the world when in fact there are 30 more highly played managers.

Your posts are viewed for what they are.....flat out garbage.

You do not know a thing about hockey. If anyone disagrees with your opinion you accuse them on spinning EVERY time, and thats because you have no base to any of your arguments. You are too easy to prove wrong on every subject. You just make stuff up.

You have been proven wrong on every turn. Just give it up. We know you.
this is a post that should actually be deleted, but i just felt like commenting.

this is why Burke should be canned and why the Leafs have been a brutal team for a long time:

to compete in the East this year our shopping list consists of:

1.goaltender 6 forwards
4.veteran leadership
6.two-way players to help with the PK

^this list is what we are currently missing to to be a competitive team.

i can show you evidence that the leafs finished 25th in the league last year, had a terrible PK for the last 6 years, and prove without a reasonable doubt that they haven't made the playoffs since 2004.

Burke has been with the team since 2008 and it seems we are further away than ever from reaching the playoffs.

It seems to me that Burke tried to do things in his first few years that would make the Leafs rise quicker in the standings, and it's just recently that he's taken a more patient approach.

We can now see the evidence of his drafting and how that actually worked out:


^we can actually compare our drafting to other teams now. other teams have drafted well and have some of their post '09 players on their permanent roster. we do not. how do any of the above players contribute to the Leafs after their farm and minor hockey training? None of them have major roles with big the club. we're supposed to be patient and wait? BS!!!

you can make the case that Burke is re-building, but i really feel that there's a big question to be asked: How much time does he get, and how good has he done so far? the answer is pretty clear: Many holes when he started and now bigger holes now that he's been in charge for 4 years.

if Burke gets fired in the near future some fans will be surprised, but certainly not shocked.

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