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10-28-2012, 12:54 PM
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Originally Posted by FLAMESFAN View Post
I'm a fan of the sport, I hate the buisness crap - that should be left to buisness people. But what I don't get is that if the players can go and replace their job with another team overseas, why can't the owners just graduate the farm teams to play in the NHL?
You can't tell me there wouldn't be intrest in Heat tickets in Calgary. Ofcourse the ticket prices would be much lower, as would the salaries. ECHL teams would graduate to the AHL, so no jobs are lost there, and Joe Blow could relive his dream and sign with an ECHL team - you would't really see too much of a drop off in talent if you were an ECHL fan.
Look, we have millions of hockey players in Canada alone, and a new crop each year. Owners should just lock out the current crop of players, and make that be a lesson for the next crop to not get greedy, and be happy that you are paid well to play a game.
I'm getting sick of not watching my team play (especially Saturday nights), at this point i could care less who plays for "the Flames", I just want to cheer.
Anyone who watched last Saturday's Heat game against Chicago would agree that we don't need specific players, we need a team.
I'm half and half. Yes, I stopped caring that Jokinen left and I'll still cheer for the Flames because I'll cheer for them no matter what. But knowing what I know, I'm excited to see Wideman, Hudler, Cervenka and Baertschi.

Do I want to see a Flames team without Iginla, Kipper, Bouwmeester, Cammy, and Tangs? Probably not, of course unless it's a Flames team with Crosby, Malkin, Stamkos and Tavares. I know who the best players are, and every trade deadline and free agency people hope their GM is that guy to land them. Nobody wishes to see Ben Street and Kris Kolanos on their team on free agency day.

I get what you're saying, but I can't see it happening. Unless you knew **** all about hockey and wouldn't know any better between Crosby and Street.

Would I pay to watch Abby games? No way. I spend too much time and effort into the NHL as it is, I'm not about to start becoming knowledgable in AHL teams. Besides, I already cancelled my television service provider.

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