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The Bluth Company (360) GM League Discussion/Signup Thread PT 3: NEED RESERVES

Around late July/Early August I was in 3 GM leagues. In every league i noticed the same thing. Everyone trades away nearly half their team. I was completely guilty of this as well. Oddly enough, i seemed to be the only one who thinks picks and prospects have little value in this game mode when you consider we'll only most likely be playing 4-6 seasons for NHL 13 and even Elite Prospects start out in the 60's.

I became weary that in about a month when the winners and the losers start to become more separated that people wouldn't want to stick with a losing team and they'll end up quitting. This isn't including the people who chose the Blue Jackets, Islanders, Coyotes etc...teams that you have to know a rebuild is necessary before you pick them. These people will probably stay regardless. But the guys who chose the average/good teams who trade away large chunks of their roster and either...

a) aren't very good at the game and get frustrated

b) simply get bored with the game mode and stop playing/quit

...well these guy's teams will have to be replaced. Are people really going to want to join a Connected league in December when they chose a team and the roster isn't even recognizable? When all the players they associate a team with are gone? When a team has gone from a Playoff Contender to a team in Rebuild? Everyone might as well be doing random rosters if thats the case. I've also seen A LOT of really bad/lopsided trades (again, guilty myself) that while seemingly fine to the GM's currently involved, might not be ok and might even be terrible for the next GM to pick up the team.

When i created this league almost 2 months ago, i had all of these things in mind. Now, 2 months removed from then, i've seen a lot, if not most of these HF Boards GM Leagues either terribly inactive or completely shut down. I wanted to make a league that was immune to these processes. That offered a realistic experience for everyone. That kept things fresh for all 30 GMs involved through offering challenges and consistency day in and day out.

Drop outs are inevitable. These leagues probably wont be as fun for the people who are in the bottom 10 and realize they'll be stuck there 30 games into the season. My goal with limiting trades is that so when people do drop out (which will happen) the new people who join will still have a team they are semi-familiar with instead of a fantasy roster with NHL jerseys. If people dont drop out and decide to stick it out, they'll be rewarded with higher draft picks (obviously) but they'll also be rewarded with time to see their high draft picks become useful NHL players due to the amount of games i'll be simming. This means that there is usually a constant influx/outflux of GMs to this league. Which in turn means that anyone on my reserve list is nearly guranteed a team in a very short period of time. I only want the most active GMs in my league of course so i'm constantly weeding out inactive GMs.

If you're an aspiring member to The Bluth Company, this is my league. Welcome to it. Below are the rules that separate The Bluth Company from the rest...


-Game Schedule: 2 weeks=4 real days schedule, games will be played for 4 weeks, 8 real days, and then i will sim the 3rd 2 week, 4 real day period. This means that roughly 1/3rd of our season will be involuntarily simmed. This will be done so we can fit in a few more seasons and hopefully play about 7-9 seasons instead of 4-6. It has become a great blend of being both a talented player, and intelligent GM. With this extra seasons that are now allowed, growing your prospects for the future is now equally as important as utilizing your current players to their full potential.
================================================== ==

DNF vs CPU: From now on, your DNF vs CPU is never allowed to be higher than 0%. If this happens, you'll be given 1 warning. After that warning, i'll kick you from the league again, resetting your DNF vs CPU back to 0%. If it goes above 0% again, you lose the privilege to play CPU games for the rest of the season. If your DNF vs CPU goes above 0% at any point after that, you'll lose the ability to play CPU games for as long as your in The Bluth Company.
================================================== ==

-No trade can involve more than 4 Roster Players (combined from both teams)
-No trade can involve more than 6 total pieces (combined from both teams)

This is the rule that both directly and indirectly separates this league from the rest. Trades are supposed to be a big deal. A trade is the literal removal of assets from your team in place of other assets in order to make the team better. Its not something that real GMs take lightly. The success of their team and their jobs depend on how well their decisions pan out. One of the major reasons so many other leagues unfortunately dont work out is because people get so excited about making trades that they forget their team needs, how close their team is to a cup, how these deals will impact their present and future. This isn't the case in The Bluth Company because of the above mentioned rule as well as the following...

You are only allowed 3 trades per season 1 Offseason Trade , one Regular Season Trade, and one Trade Deadline Trade.

OFFSEASON MOVE: After much consideration, i've decided to increase our trade limit. After watching these past two drafts in the real NHL, i've come to know the NHL draft as a time for drafting, but also for big trades. I've decided to allow one more Offseason Trade to all GMs in The Bluth Company. This trade will have to follow the same rules as far as roster players and piece limits go, BUT, any Offseason Trade must involve draft picks. I want to see GMs making moves to either move up or down in the early rounds of the draft or aquire more draft picks to get a deeper prospect pool because thats what real GMs do.

This trade does NOT carry over. It is only for the time period inbetween the playoffs ending and the start of the next season. If an Offseason Trade is not used by a GM, they are not awarded 3 trades. They still only get their 1 regular season trade and their 1 trade deadline move.

TRADE DEADLINE move: GM's are also allowed 1 more trade at the Trade Deadline. This means that from release day until the last sim period prior to the trade deadline, GM's are still only allowed 1 trade. When i get to the last sim period that covers the trade deadline, that is when i will allow GM's to make 1 more deal. The same trade rule applies to this Trade Deadline move as well. The trade deadline is something that most fans and GM's eagerly anticipate in the real NHL. I wanted to capture that fun and excitement so it makes the most sense to allow all of us to make a last effort to either improve our team for the following season or to give our team that final needed push for the playoffs.

INJURY move: GM's are also allowed 1 more trade in case of serious, long term injury to either a) top 6 winger b) 1st pairing defenseman or c) starting goaltender. LONG TERM in my eyes means any injury exceeding 30 Games. The original trade rules apply to this potential Injury Trade with the addition that the trade must be made to alleve the loss of the injured player. If Lundqvist goes down for 2 months, i can't trade for Malkin, i must trade to get another goalie.
The Injury Trade was added only because i realise how devastating a long term injury can be to a star player on your team. If Toews goes down long term on the Hawks, my team is screwed. It only seems fair that i allow GM's to have a chance to save their season. However, the loss of a depth player, even to long term injury, is not impossible to overcome and i will not allow an excess trade for them.

Injury Trade Addendum: The injured player must still be injured for more than 15 games in order for the extra trade to be allowed. The injury trade is meant to be a leg up to an unlucky devastated by injury. If your player gets injured in early October for 45 games, you cant wait until he comes back in 10 games to use your injury trade.

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