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10-28-2012, 01:15 PM
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The players are *******s if you believe owners are entitled to 50%. 50% is a number, and te best part is it's negotiated. Every anti-player sentiment is grounded in the idea that 50% is the player cut AT BEST. The player cut is 57%, if it drops it is bargained for. There's no unilateral implimentation, it's give and take.

Or hey, if you think the owners get what they want and too bad: they set the last CBA. So tough **** if you imposed a bad deal. It's a business, not a charity. You pay for mistakes. So too bad, if the owners want 50% they negotiate it.

I'm tired of the owners crying over bad markets, bad CBAs, bad contracts.. there's one source for all those issues- owners. How they got you to buy into the BS that the players are greedy, at fault and not entitled to compromise is beyond me. "We're losing money" isn't a license to circumvent the labor process. It doesn't mean you just impose terms. If they could have, they would have and we would have hockey. If the owners offered a solution to inked deals, we would have hockey too. Not one gain and they are still the problem... astonishing.

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