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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
On a AHL level, the easy thing is to portrait Nash in a top 6. Was there before, has to be more prepared than most of our rookies. Yet, in a development year, and with the quality that we have, I prefer to see others take those spots. Yet again, like I said, I hope everybody gets their turn, and that's including Nash.

It's actually a good example as far as player you look at, find he has everything to be a good hockey player, and for whatever reason, can't put it all together. Though in Wyman's case, he might have finally, with some confidence, found a spot in a bottom 6 role in the NHL. Problem now with that comparison is that I found Wyman more willing to use his body than Quailer except for the protect the puck part. And it's also tough to know what Quailer is all about just yet based on the 1 full year he missed. This is incredibly big and especially for a NCAA player. They already don't play a lot of games, and then you miss a season? Awful. He somewhat came back strong. His goal scoring ability is really questionable though as he looks much more like a passer. Reason why I'd see this guy as a centerman.

Gauthier did have his good moments. And while we have to give him the credit for those trades, I reserve the right to think that from Bournival to Holland, than god to Timmins and Co for their reports. But we should also be careful before calling it winners already. As we speak, what we gave already play in this league....and what we got in return besides those 2 guys....we want to ship it far far away....I always was a big Bournival fan and still is. Do think he does have NHL potential. I still believe it remains to be seen for Holland. I'd like to see more speed, more strenght from Holland if he wants to make it. But at this level, he's surely a fun player to watch that makes us believe we might have something great in our hands. Going back to Gauthier, while asking for his head, I ALSO KEPT saying that you often see the job of a GM AFTER you fired him. But for that to actually have to fire him. And frankly, after seeing how the management operates now as far as evaluation of players and the whole philosophy, thank god we did. Doesn't mean that he didn't make 1 good trade though....and both of those 2 might be 2 good ones. We are still at the "might" stage though.

Not sure the worries ESPECIALLY since we had already an idea of how he operates. People were extremely worried after his 1st OHL season. And then were fine after. At worst, he will probably be better just next year. Yet, with what I see, I already find him more at ease in that start of the season in the AHL than he was at the start of the season in his first OHL season. This has to be reassuring. But then, let,s put everything in perspective here. I doubt that this time, like some other times, we went with the BPA here. We clearly went with the needs. Tinordi was never seen as a gamechanging player. He was alreayd seen as a steady stay-at-home tough d-man to play against. But nothing more. There was already tons of question marks as far as his skating and puck skills are concerned. That to me is a lot for a 1st round. Though not the greatest of draft year, there was still something else to do here and we will come up with "We should have drafted him" soon enough. Yet, Tinordi is CLEARLY a guy that might reach the NHL and be very helpful. But not like a go-to-guy. And guys like him, do take some time to develop. So no need to worry just yet. Worry if he doesn't develop in his 2nd year. Tinordi was not chosen so he'd play in the NHL in his 2nd year. Was taken for the safe selection he was, which often means 4 or 5 years before reaching the pros. But while there, should be valuable.
Does that mean we should blame the proscouts for the bad trades and not Gauthier? That's what I never understood. When it's a good trade it's because of the scouts, whether pro, amateur or international, but when it's a bad trade, its the GM's fault.

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