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Originally Posted by xX Hot Fuss View Post
Wow in 18 freaking days PT 2 already filled up. I just wanted to let all of you know that its pretty cool that this league of mine has grown the way it has. None of it is possible without the activity and interest from all of you so i wanted to thank you all personally for all of this. The first official Bluth Company GM League has officially finished! Just think, this only started 6 weeks ago! As commissioner, i couldn't be happier with with the way things are turning out. There's been some complications and learning curves to get used to for everyone, but i think the vast majority of the GMs in this league are having a lot of fun and really like this league.

Again, just wanted to thank you all for your participation. Its pretty cool as a 23 year old who hasn't been in control of anything really to build this league from the ground up and watch it become what it is today. All of the compliments i get from you guys are amazing. I really appreciate it all. Good luck with the 2013-14 season everyone! The 2013 Draft will be underway tonight!
other leagues are definitely jealous at the progression of this one! the best one I think.

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