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Originally Posted by Mr Kanadensisk View Post
I agree that using the top 30 is not the most accurate, but it was the quickest for me to do some calculations on. A better survey would take in the biggest sample size possible, such as the total number of NHLers. You have to have some way of quantifying who is an elite player or else it just comes down to peoples opinions, which are arbitrary at best and often biased. You have to also remember that for the coaches the NHL is all about winning. There is no such thing as two identical players. The coaches will always select the one who they thinks gives them a better chance of winning, regardless of where they are from.

Here are some more numbers to support my argument.

COUNTRY, % Registered U20 players, % Indoor Rinks, % NHL Skaters

CAN 45.2 38.1 53.8
USA 29.2 27.6 24.6
RUS 5.9 5.2 2.7
SWE 4.0 5.2 6.6
FIN 3.4 3.8 2.3
CZE 2.2 0.9 4.5

Obviously the percentages won't be exactly the same and they fluctuate with time. For example the current percentage of NHLers will be more closely related to the U20 players and rinks from ~10 years ago, whereas these numbers are all for 2011. However the trend shows overwhelming proof that there is a direct correlation between the number of kids playing hockey, the size of the hockey infrastructure (ie rinks) and the number of elite players (NHLers) a nation develops.
Sorry, mate. We are talking about different things. You about NHLers. I'm about elite NHLers (This is about Top 70 Players of All Time after all). I'm not arguing that Canada produces by far the most NHLers. It's a fact. I'm just saying that it does not mean that Canada produces highest percentage of elite NHLers out of those same NHLers. You take a sample from the entire hockey population, I take a sample from the NHLers only. Big difference.

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