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10-28-2012, 01:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
Richard Peddie back in June 2010 speaking on behalf of MLSE at the time as spokesman supports your belief at his press conference.

Two complete seasons later, MLSE finds themselves positioned 5th from the bottom of the league standings, with a GM claiming his team was the equivalent of "An "18 wheeler going off the end of a cliff".

When ownership feels compelled to humble themselves and acknowledge publicly apologizing for the failures of the team, claiming "our fans deserve better" that THE PLAN is not working as expected nor promised.
I still fail to see any real plan:

The Human turnsile plan has produced the worse results:

He traded a Young NHL defenceman who is a stay at home shut down type D man who can drop the mitts if needed for a forward who played 15 games in the NHL last year and contributed nothing. A NHL D man for an AHL player.

He traded away a young producing forward for a late 1st round and 3rd pick. If you are rebuilding you keep a young forward who produces and not trade him away for a late 1st and 3rd.

He traded away a young D man who lead the team in hits and blocked shots as well as loved being a Leaf for a soft big Forward that thus far has been a band-aid. The jury is out on this forward.

The above 3 trade are as a result of one player.

We sign a concussed older D man to a 4 year deal.

We sign a band-aid Center who is a player that no one else would sign for the kind of money we paid him for two year.....and he was as advertised, soft and over paid.

We had a coach who had no idea on how to be a coach of a young team allowing his captain to run the show.

As much as people rip on Komi, I will give him credit as a leader. He shoulder the blame for the whole team during two different interviews late last season, where as our captain (wearing a Red Bull hat while representing the Leafs) ...shared the blame with his team mates.

This does not sound like a team that is rebuilding to me.

This year if there is a season...the biggest battle will likely be behind closed doors....battle of wills between the coach and the captain. One of them will have to go or say uncle.....the coach will not say he will either stay with him in charge or be fired with the Captain still very much in charge....stay tune. My money is on the coach!

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