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10-28-2012, 01:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Does that mean we should blame the proscouts for the bad trades and not Gauthier? That's what I never understood. When it's a good trade it's because of the scouts, whether pro, amateur or international, but when it's a bad trade, its the GM's fault.
No. Gauthier should have "some" of the merit for getting whether it's a pick in one case, or accepting to do the trade. But with the trades, comes the recommendation of his pro scout or scout. And it's probably, most likely, the head scout or whoever in the scouting departement that tells Gauthier who to aim for. So everybody should have some merit. Just that some will solely give it to the GM which makes no sense for me 'cause some GM's have no freakin idea who sometiems they are acquiring. Though I will never give Gauthier or whoever the merit for Timmins drafting. Just like I will never criticize them for it either. I mean, Houle was probably one of the worst GM in the history of sport. And yet, he probably has the best if not the top 3 best drafts in our history. Sorry, but that can't be because of him. If anything, we have to salute André Savard for bringing Timmins on board. And if you want, thank Gainey for keeping Timmins. But does Gauthier should be recognize for keeping him? Wasn't it obvious already that he was good? So good job for getting something for O'Byrne. I mean, everybody would have though. And good job recognizing that Cammalleri was worth a little more than just Bourque despite his salary.

In the end, yes, it ends and finishes with the GM. As far as I'M concerned, and for a whole lot of years, we haven't been on top of the good trades. Most likely the opposite. But we have had a few good ones. Those 2 "might" be amongst them. And Gauthier will have his share of recognition the day those guys are playing a key role.

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