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10-28-2012, 01:42 PM
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Originally Posted by IslesBeBack View Post
You know Jonathan, it's time for the Islanders to start gaining respect from hardcore fans such as yourself. I know you'll always distain the Islanders, but they need to start representing themselves with some ****ing class so people can at least RESPECT them.

If Wang wanted to create some momentum, he would get rid of that waste of space Dipietro, hire a real coach and GM, and make a statement.

The time for excuses is over. The Islanders, quite obviously, are being abandoned by the fans they already have. If they want to make a statement for the integrity of HOCKEY in a professional league, they'll start acting like a professional team.

Otherwise, nobody will like them. Even the few who have stuck around. Which is why it's kind of confusing to me why Wang would even bother securing this lease if he has plans of sticking around and running this team. He has done a terrible job, has a record low number of fans at this point... so what is in it for Bettman to have the Isles take place of a team in this league? My idea is that there's more to it, perhaps he'll sell before 2015.

If Wang sells before 2015, then a real chance for the Isles emerges in this market. If not, **** it. I ain't wasting my time.
I have my doubts that they will ever gain any real respect. I think the best chance you have is to make it up to Devils territory -- where even if you win, no one cares. And I don't think that you guys will ever have the team that the Devils had back in the 90s/00s (too hard to keep a roster like that together, now).

Respect is definitely the key thing. And they certainly do not have mine and most other hardcore fan's respect. It's going to be interesting to see how they try to change that.

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