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Originally Posted by lazerbullet View Post
Sorry, mate. We are talking about different things. You about NHLers. I'm about elite NHLers (This is about Top 70 Players of All Time after all). I'm not arguing that Canada produces by far the most NHLers. It's a fact. I'm just saying that it does not mean that Canada produces highest percentage of elite NHLers out of those same NHLers. You take a sample from the entire hockey population, I take a sample from the NHLers only. Big difference.
In 2011-12, 4 of the top 60 NHL scorers were Russian.
In 1993-94 (perhaps the best season ever for Russians in the NHL), 6 of the top 60 scorers were Russian.

I'm not checking every year, but I don't think these numbers are out of the ordinary.

Given that perhaps 10% of the top NHL talent is Russian, I don't see a 9-5 advantage for Canadians over Russians born in the same time period on the top 70 list to be out of whack.

If there's any issue with the list, it's that the Original 6 period is more represented than any other time period. I think in 2008 and 2009 on this board, there was a sense that the Original 6 was the Golden Age of Hockey and that in turn, a disproportionate number of the best players played during that time period.

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