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05-16-2006, 10:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Toro
EA Sports NHL 95 is the best hockey game ever......

Back in the day me and 3 friends (4 total) split the teams in 4 and played a whole season (if my teams played each other, we let the AI play the game).

it was great learning to control the goalie during the season and dominating till everyone learned. Now me and 2 buddies still play on occasion but we use the create players.

We use 3 game tapes and since you can make 20 players we each get 10.

2 players per game tape. the are labeled Toro vs Diego, Toro vs Dug, Dug vs Diego

We have great games 2-1 3-2 scores cause we control the goalie it is usually low scoring games. The way the players skate is the best in this version .

We learned how to create the perfect players.
In attributes if you give 92 points it becomes 99 after he is created(92 on speed becomes 99, 92 on checking becomes 99 etc.

except for stickhandling, 64 becomes 99...

On the tapes we make a draft and suppliment our teams with the players we draft .(i have MTL with Roy in nets and bourque ,coffey, chelios on Defence and so on and Dug has Boston with Belfour in nets) they are the 2 best goalies in the game.

I wish that they would make a new version of the same game with just updated players and maybe a little upgrade on visual appearence, but keep the skating style the same (very important!!!).

Maybe let u get control of the goalie even if u get checked.

the rest of the so called bugs i have conquered, like the pass goal strait down the pipe.

You just have to take control of the goalie when the other team is going to shoot or has a good scoring chance.

Unlike new games where it is almost impossible to take control of the goalie with any skill. But in 95 you put the goalie in position and press save and u make the save.... like u should. I hate AI goalies.

Any way Sega EA Sports NHL95 Rules

94 with the fighting is good also but lacks the season ability of playing for all the teams not just picking one and going through the season and playoffs. but playin every game in the schedule for every team!!! with your buddies all year rules.
The gameplay was fine in NHL 95 but they took the fighting out. Anyways, I thought the gameplay was pretty good. Its an endless argument to determine whether nhl 94 was the best or nhl 95 in terms of gameplay

I gave the edge toNHL 95 becuase it was much more of a revolutionary game. NHL 95 was the game where the season mode, and trades were introduced. That was a huge deal back then.

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