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Originally Posted by lazerbullet View Post
What evidence do you need?

The fact that 4 out top 20 players are Russians (without even blinking an eye). That's 20%. There are 2.7% Russians among all NHLesrs as you kindly demonstrated before. With a bit bias I can make a case to squeeze those 4 into top 15 or even top 10.

Swedes. Top 20 talent: both Sedins, Karlsson, Lundqvist. That's also 4 (20%) and I'm kindly leaving Zetterberg and Backstrom out. There are 6.6% of Swedes based on your number.

Slovaks. Top 20 talent: Chara and Hossa. (substitute with Gaborik or Halak if you wish). That's 2 (10%).

That's already 50% that are not from Canada. You can add USA yourself.

Of course those numbers change over time. Russians are very strong right now, while Czechs and Finns have pretty much no players at such level. All I'm saying that you can't say Canada produces 55% of NHL talent = 55% of elite NHL talent. In current discussion (Top 70 Players of All Time) term elite NHL talent should be defined by very strict criteria. Something like players who are in discussion at being one of the best at their respective position.
Again, you are only presenting your opinion. Just because you say 4 out of the top 20 NHLers are Russian doesn't make it true. Even if you had a way to define the top 20, it is a very small sample size and you are going to have wild fluctuations from year to year if you limit yourself to that number. I agree that each country will have peaks and valleys in terms of the performance of their top players but over time the numbers even out. For example I would say the Russians were peaking statistically just before the last Olympics.

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