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Originally Posted by RayzorIsDull View Post
What are you talking about? You never addressed a single point I made. Instead of just making a snide comment why don't you actually try to have a conversation?
Having a conversation on here is like defending fighting; you try, but sometimes it's just pointless.

The team has big expectations this year, with people looking for a fourth place finish (including myself). That's what happened with the last batch, so surely that's what's supposed to happen this time. Frankly, in the junior hockey cycle, it's not unrealistic to expect it.

When a team struggles out of the gate, for whatever reason, people jump on them and find anything to criticize about. This player is having a horrible year, that powerplay is brutal, this goaltender can't stop a beach ball, that defenceman is useless, etc. It's become a never-ending "let's bash because we can" situation. Sure, other teams that should be below us are ahead of us, but it's October. Why should I freak out? What point does that possibly serve? I didn't know you could lose a title in October. If this team was winning, people would either jump on the bandwagon ("I KNEW this team had it in them") or they'd still find a reason to complain ("he scored a hat-trick? Only took him a year!"). It's the way the internet works.

I won't deny this team is inconsistent, but the talent is there and there's no reason they shouldn't do well.

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