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10-28-2012, 04:12 PM
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Originally Posted by s7ark View Post
Hell of a performance by Nichols. I wish he had more than 9 minutes to work with. If only Reed wasn't a total idiot.

Speaking of which , I just heard his radio interview, and without saying it, he's pretty much confirmed Joseph is starting next week. And with his impressive 16/43 for 262 yards with 1 TD(should have been an INT) and 2 INT in his last 7+ quarters, who could question it?

Nichols, over those two games, in under 1 full quarter of work has put up 13/20 for 303 yards with 3 TDs and 1 INT.

Its really weird I agree. A head scratcher and especially because Joseph has been two banged up these past two games to even compete and really looking his age here. A healthy Joseph for instance gets outside and the first down on that gamble easily. He had limited ability today to evade pressure and buy time. Due to hand, wrist, and leg injuries he's also not feeling confident and not able to fire the ball with any kind of authority like he did in the two wins. He's done for now.

Gotta go with Nichols.

I state this last thing with misgivings because I think people will pick on it. But is it possible that right now its better for Nichols head, and composure, that he come in off the bullpen and be the closer rather than the starter. Would being the starter currently effect Nichols adversely?
This is the one benefit of doubt I'm giving. We just don't know the inside out and how guys are handling pressure. Not everybody is built the same. All the grumblings aside that Nichols should have started the game it is interesting that his best performance here has been in a relief effort, and not at all in a starting effort(yeah I know he deserves more starts and hasn't had many, just saying)

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