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Originally Posted by Kirk Muller View Post
Or the NHL gave in to get the cap last time. yes, i am sure they were overjoyed to agreeing to pay 57%

Starting at 57% was a starting point to show how it wasnt a fair deal for the NHL. Thats how negotiations work.

You say negotiate yet the NHLPA refuses to negotiate off the NHL offers. They arent even being given a chance to negotiate even off the old CBA because that not what Fehr wants to do. He wants to change everything.

IF, i will repeat that again, IF the NHLPA was ok with negotiating off the old CBA, all their proposals would be based off a drop in percentage.

However they are trying to completely rewrite the last CBA so they get fixed raises essentially. The players want guaranteed salaries and raises no matter revenues. Thats the problem
Last I read is that the NHLPA's proposals were based on a salary freeze at current levels...until revenue rose enough to make those salaries worth 50%, then they would be tied to revenue again.

Who has a link to the NHLPA's offers? Or a Reader's Digest version of them?

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