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Originally Posted by CCF23 View Post
So I've never known the answer to this for sure...Obviously with the geography of the lower mainland and Vancouver Island being directly west of it:

Would a tsunami cased by a subduction earthquake southwest of the Island reach the lower mainland or would the island take the brunt of it?
West Coast of the island will take almost all of it. It would hit the west coast then redirect and head south towards victoria but the farther it goes south the weaker it gets and by the time it gets into the straight your talking very minimal risk as it is at a fraction of what it was.

You wouldn't see the damage that you saw in Japan. The west coast of the island is very sparsely populated and has mountain and ridges littered throughout it acting as a shield or diverter. The west coast also has advanced warning systems that would give people at least 30 minutes to get to higher ground along the west coast. west vancouver island is pretty much acting as a shield for the mainland.

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