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10-28-2012, 04:35 PM
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A few odds and ends.

Non import Glenn MacKay looked good, real good, on a couple catches today. The sliding catch a pure vet move that we've seen precious little of this year. He's only had 2 starts with us this year but I think has earned another and was coming back well to the ball.

Henry is a real hot/cold reciever. Was awful until the 4th quarter and in last two games has flat out dropped 5 balls. A startling number considering the few times he's even a target for a pass. henry rebounded in the 4th in a big way but wheres his head at sometimes? The guy really has concentration issues out there. Two of the drops today were just incomprehensible.

Cary Koch, bad game, without his jumping offside we tie this game earlier, Montreal doesn't get their last TD, and we possibly win in regulation. ALL the momentum was with us. I can't stand plays like that. Koch and Coohoern were again quiet all day and we had very little activity on quick hitter patterns today. Joseph was often eating turf before a guy was even looking for the ball. WE can't half complete halfs where we're not having guys open.

Emry. I was prepared again to hate this guy after he punched an opponent in the jewels but gotta say 3 times he went up to Nichols and gave him support. From one competitor to another apparently. Emry showed me something different there and was really giving Nichols credit. Even on the interception he went up to the kid and gave him a hand up.

CFL Are they matchmaking Carly Ray Jepsen for Beiber? lol. I dunno, saw the pictures and I thought about it...

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