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Originally Posted by NJDevs26 View Post
I meant tweaking the 'current' four-team playoff. There's no reason to have one-loss teams that don't win their conference in the semis or championship game when you have qualified conference winners.
Right but the problem is everyone in the world knows that a 1-loss SEC team would crap all over the C-USA champion. By making it so only conference champions can qualify for a playoff, you'd have top teams trying to join crap conferences. It would result in a more even group of conferences in the long run, although getting to that point would be messy, but it would pretty much take a lot of excitement out of the regular season since the disparity from top to bottom of each conference would be a lot larger. You'd also have teams scheduling as weak an out of conference schedule as possible, since only the conference champion would matter. No use getting beat up and risking a loss over a good out of conference game.

I'd be a fan of 11 conference champions so every single D-1 team has a chance to play, and some way to determine 5 wild cards. Been preaching it for years. Each conference gets represented and one loss isn't a poison pill like it is now.

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