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10-28-2012, 04:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Buck Aki Berg View Post
I'll never understand why we hold athletes to this standard.

I make more money than I need (obviously not millions, but still - I ain't poor) in my career as a data analyst. Should I be ashamed of myself because I don't have a love for data and bureaucracy? 'Course not.

I could take a 20% pay cut tomorrow and still pay all my bills, live in a decent place, and have nice things. Does that mean that I should just go ahead and let my employer have more money just because I don't "need" all of the money I'm making, even if I did have a love for data analysis? 'Course not.
Point taken. If your company was trying to do this to you, would you take a year off in protest until they agreed to keep paying you the same? At some point in this lockout, players will start losing in the long run. I have to think that guys who are 30+ have already given up more than they will get back.

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