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10-28-2012, 04:55 PM
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MANY untold stories in the Naked City(aka Tommies Nation)

Originally Posted by Rob View Post
I have to agree with ranfather here. This is the team Eagles has put together. He is also the man who was in charge of slashing the team's budget this season. I don't blame any STU hockey fan for loathing him.

Last night was brutal. I'm sure they can play better than what they showed but the lack of talent is obvious. They had a few chances to get breakaways or odd man rushes that just imploded. Usually due to a lack of speed.

I just hope this team doesn't go the way of the MTA Mounties.
Dave Gilmore,Mat Hogan,Dan Preston,Mark Edmudnson ,Shane Gaffar.,5 players ALL recruited within the CIS guideline,t he first 3 were 1st team CIS All stars at.least once during their Tommies career and all were recruited in a very competitive recruiting environment,it can done.with a cogent, consistent recruiting approach.

It is my belief that If information from STU athlethic department was to be released.and examined(don't expect that to.happen under Eagles lack of transparency) one might understand my ongoing anger about this man being in charge.

It is my belief that with his inability to.recruit that obscene amounts were used which now leaves the Tommies in the state in which they find themselves.

I believe that a THOROUGH analysis would.explain a lot as to.The current state of Men's.Hockey.

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