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10-28-2012, 05:07 PM
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Originally Posted by OHLTG View Post
I've seen plenty of fights in junior football. Windsor has a team that I watched dozens of times several years ago. There were many fights in that league, mostly involving several players after a quarter was done. You also see many players push/shove/punch after plays if something cheap was done. The officials just separate them before anything could get going. Please don't tell me football has a ton of hitting, but zero fights. It's a poor example.

As for the WJC, using Finland and Kazahkstan is a questionable comparison. Neither nation is known for their physical play, generally. What about Canada/Russia or Russia/USA? You're very likely to see stuff that could break into a brawl if it wasn't for the potential to be thrown out of the game or tournament.
I can't speak to Windsor Junior Football. Only NFL, NCAA, CFL and a little CIS. I can't recall a full blown fist fight. With the possible exception of the aforementioned WJFL (highly acclaimed and watched, no doubt), football does have a ton of hits and zero fights. Send me a link to the fight in this week's NFL or CFL action, would you?

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