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10-28-2012, 05:08 PM
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Originally Posted by airic000 View Post
I think what people are really mad about is the fact that Markov and his agent (Meehan) misrepresented the extent of his injury when he resigned for 3 years. Personally I blame PG for resigning him at that term and price when Markov should have been signed for 1-2 yrs max to prove he was ready.

Markov has had bad luck with injuries but I think it also has a lot to do with his inability to take or absorb a hit. On every play where he's been injured he turns in some awkward fashion to avoid a hit and somehow makes it worse. So although there is an element of luck, or lack thereof, he's also responsible for how he absorbs or avoids a hit. Unfortunately, it's probably too late in his career to teach him how to do so properly so at this point it is inevitable that he will reinjure himself again and again until he's forced to retire (but not before recouping the monies owed on his contract).
Why would Markov want to sign for 1 year? Why would he not go test the open market instead where he'd likely get a better deal? And he didn't hide any injuries, the Habs medical staff have been treating and following him for all his career, they know exactly the extent of his injury. He suffered set backs, which are unpredictable.
You can argue that the habs should have went in another direction, that's debatable, but blaming Markov for his injuries is just wrong.

If Markov didn't know how to take in a hit, he'd get killed in the NHL. You start learning how to absorb hits in like Pee-wee or Bantam. Markov knows how to take one. His first big injury was an achille heal tear, nothing to do with how to take a hit.
The knee injury from Cook seemed like an awkward fall, the one from Staal was a knee on knee which happens often in the NHL.
If he didn't know how to protect himself he'd have a lot more upper body injuries, including concussions, and even then, that wouldn't necessarily mean whatever player don't know how to protect himself. Makes no sense at all.

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