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Originally Posted by Faidh ar Rud Eigin View Post
No Spott is definitely going to be playing Murphy in all situations, you're out to lunch if you think he'll only be playing PP. Spott puts Murphy up against the best players in the OHL and he's going to do it at the Subway Series too. He's not going to suddenly change his opinion to that of the armchair scouts on this board.

Out of the defensemen who will play for Canada, Spott by far knows Murphy best and whether you agree with it or not, coaches role with the guys they're most familiar with. They don't mitigate their impact to appese people on the internet.
He will not play short handed thats for sure. He'll probably get some solid even strength time and play a tonne on the PP. He didnt get played in all situations in the Canada Russia series this summer and hes a turnover machine.

With a 1 goal lead in the final minute of play if Spott roles with the guys he familiar with, Canada will be going home without a gold just like the last few years and Spott wont be coaching again.

Ryan Ellis hardly played even in his fourth year except in more offensive roles, I think itll be the same for Murphy

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