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10-28-2012, 05:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Chiuozu View Post
A Salary cap in baseball would help, imo.

I have no interest in watching simply because you can have a great player on your team, but the moment he becomes a Free-Agent (Or even before) he's going to end up a Yankee or a Red Sox etc.

What's the point of even watching?

The Blue Jays haven't even sniffed the playoffs in what? 15+ years? I'd watch if they had a chance to compete, but that chance simply doesn't exist.

When you have payrolls that go from 50 million, to almost 200 million, you have a problem.

That said, I'd say out of the 'Big 4' baseball is second on my list after Hockey. Basketball or Football don't even enter into the equation for me. I have zero interest in watching either game.
Prince Fielder became a free agent and ended up in Detroit.

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