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Originally Posted by Sam Slick View Post
Another useless post coming from the spin doctor himself. You have tried lying and BS'ing at every turn. When you try to present "facts" the way you see them, there are a bunch of us who prove you wrong step of the way.

You tried to say that this team and the 08 team were almost the same age....we proved that there is at least 3 years apart.
You tried to tell us that the 08 team scored more goals and we again, proved you wrong.
You tried to say that the 08 team had more wins when infact they had one less.
You tried on 2 occassions to say Burke was the highest paid manager in all the world in the history of the world when in fact there are 30 more highly played managers.

Your posts are viewed for what they are.....flat out garbage.

You do not know a thing about hockey. If anyone disagrees with your opinion you accuse them on spinning EVERY time, and thats because you have no base to any of your arguments. You are too easy to prove wrong on every subject. You just make stuff up.

You have been proven wrong on every turn. Just give it up. We know you.
No, DO does not make things up. He is acting on fact: Leafs 1) have been an abject failure for the past 4 years and 2) have a bleak future for the next few years according to pundits who are paid good salary to use their analysis expertise and then pronounce these findings in the media.

Yeah, the truth hurts. So I understand your lashing out at DO for smacking your beliefs around with his bag of facts.

Still, how does someone "give it up" when all they are doing is using statistics to show why they are adopting the position that Brian has not done the job?

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