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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
You see criticism because the Leafs are currently a bad team. If they were good, they would get more praise. But make no mistake, their is an underlying bias there to often pander to their biggest audience.

For instance, at the beginning of the rumours for Luongo, McKenzie and Dreger "speculated" that he would be dealt in a soft deal and that there wasn't a market for Lu. Where were they getting their information from? How was it being filtered to them? Certainly not from the Canucks side... Later on, we learn that Gillis demanded a good return, and then both reporters changed their tune to other teams refusing to pay a significant demand. Which meant that they were completely wrong about their initial take, which just so happened to favour a TO perception, and then inferred a negative response by GMs to the actual asking price, which again favours a TO's perception.

This is just one example of the TSN media point of view. Which is why I said it was better to agree to disagree, because many VAN fans have a very different perception of what TSN actually is. Better to leave it alone and talk about Lu only.
This is silly, You're saying Mackenzie is not saying what you want to hear, so you assume he's biased for the Leafs. Mackenzie is the most resopected anayst around. You're saying he just lies about "Sources" to make the Leafs situation look better? Come on, let's be serious.

Gillis has come out and in his own words stated the Luongo trade likely won't provide any immidiate help for the team. That lines up with what TSN was saying.

You guys are really reaching to try to find the Toronto media being biased for the Leafs. That was terrible "Example"

Was Dreger biased when he told anyone that would listen that Tomas Kaberle had much lower value than Leaf fans thought and he'd get at best a second rounder days before he was traded to Boston?

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