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10-28-2012, 07:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Disgruntled Observer View Post
There isn't an argument anymore and polls like this shouldn't exist.

Factually, Burke has been flat out terrible and should be replaced. That is not an "opinion". That's a reasoned conclusion based entirely on facts.

Those that ignore facts and choose to believe what they want to believe (and not what has been proven as correct) are the only ones that will vote yes.

If somebody can look at the facts and conclude that Burke has done a good job, well, they've used spin. They've manipulated facts and reason to create an alternate reality.
So somebody that supports Burke does not interpret facts differently. They simply relied on spin instead of facts. That is a delusion, not an opinion.

In conclusion, there is no differing opinions about Burke.
There's those that factually agree that he's been a disaster.
And there's those who have created a delusional world based on spin and rhetoric.

Now that I've clarified the entire situation beyond rebuttal or argument, I don't believe threads like this need to exist anymore.
Remember... I have not offered my mere opinion here. I have offered a reasoned conclusion after careful examination of factual evidence.
Not sure if trolling but I'll bite. Everything Burke has done has been consistent with a rebuild. Have a little patience and you will see a pretty good Leaf team.

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